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Our tools and methods have also proven to be highly effective for high demanding applications in sectors and industries other than space, as in the examples below. 


Feel free to contact us with your new industrial challenge.


Noise and vibrations in machine tool spindles can impact both the machine tool and the overall machining process in terms of increased maintenance, repair costs, and decreased of accuracy and precision. With possible reputational consequences.


Ball bearing noise and vibrations in spindle can occur due to various factors such as fatigue, contamination or insufficient lubrication for instance. What is less commonly known is that this bearing misbehavior is also due to the CAGE INSTABILITY phenomenon, also called CAGE RATTLE or cage squeal. We have proved it. 


Cage instability, also called cage whirl, induces an erratic behavior of the cage, which has a deleterious effect on the cage and the bearing itself. However noise and vibrations in spindle bearing can erroneously be attributed to problems other than cage instability, implying avoidable maintenance.


APO-GEE knows how to significantly improve the behavior of spindle bearings with optimized designs that will prevent cage instability to occur. We have also proved it.

rattling noise bearing spindle
dental bearing

BEARINGS FOR HIGH speed dental and medical applications

Some medical and dental equipments, such as dental drills or surgical tools, may operate at very high speeds. Bearings used in such applications must be capable of withstanding the associated centrifugal forces, maintaining stability, and minimizing friction and heat generation. 


For decades, designers of dental and medical assemblies were forced to accept unsatisfactory compromises to deal with those hard conditions with consequences in terms of noise, vibrations, reliability, precision or patient discomfort.


The APO-GEE Cobweb bearing improves bearing performance of those high speed applications in any condition with the most precise, harmonious and smoothest functioning ever. Without unsatisfactory compromise.

BEARINGS FOR (Electrical) vehicles

When considering ball bearings for electric vehicles (EVs), several constraints and factors need to be taken into account such as higher speeds and acceleration, energy efficiency, or noise and vibration management.


Ball bearings used in EVs must therefore have specific characteristics and features that make them suitable for the unique requirements and demands of these vehicles.


APO-GEE can contribute to the industry effort to reduce noise and vibration, by working on cage dynamics and design optimization, on top of current designs, to improve cage behavior and ensure driver comfort.

APO-GEE also provides innovative solutions to increase turbochargers efficiency and reliability.

EV bearing
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